Pro II Air Fryer

Pro II Air Fryer

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Cook healthy, delicious meals for the whole family with the updated Cosori Pro II Air Fryer. With little-to-no oil required, food cooked in Cosori’s air fryers has on average 85% less fat than deep fried food. With 12 cooking functions, you can adjust and save any preset to your liking. Enjoy all the deliciousness of fried food without the health drawbacks.

Same Crispy Taste with Less Oil

Air Crisp Technology uses a powerful convection fan to cook your food up to 2 times faster than a traditional oven and reduce your food’s oil content by up to 85%*, giving it the same crispy taste without the health drawbacks.

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5.8-Qt Square-Shaped Baskets

The baskets’ square-shaped design allows them to fit more food than circular baskets.


Customizable Presets

Cook all your favorites with 10 presets, fine-tuned with the help of the Cosori chefs to ensure maximum flavor. Add in convenient a Shake Reminder, as well as Preheat and Keep Warm functions, and you’re all set for mealtime.

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    Select one of the 10 cooking presets


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    Adjust the temperature and time, then choose if you want a shake reminder


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    Press and hold the preset icon until the air fryer beeps 1 time to save


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    Easily clean your baskets by detaching the inner basket from the outer basket.


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    The air fryer’s elegant airbrushed surfaces remain smudge-free even after regular use.


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    Our Cosori chefs have hand-crafted over 100 delicious recipes to inspire ideas for every meal.


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