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Ez Haul Stand Up Idler Car Tow Dolly

Ez Haul Stand Up Idler Car Tow Dolly

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About this item:

The only tow dolly in the market capable of storing upright without any assistance. Designed for a range of vehicles from Mini Coopers to 80″ wide trucks or SUVs. The Stand-Up EZ Haul unit weighs only 330 Pounds with a total maximum load capacity of 5000 pounds. Equipped with 2 removable adjustable ramps to satisfied a range of low profile vehicles. Lashing winches, straps, and cradle safety chains come standard with every order! The Stand-Up EZ Haul tow dolly can be stored in an average size garage. The only car tow dolly on the market that stands up for storage without assistance, our Stand-Up EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly lets you spend your time enjoying your trip. That means less time spent worrying about where and how you can store your tow dolly without being fined, feed, or nagged about it. Not to mention it can easily be moved around with a Trailer Dolly.

The powder-coated lightweight steel tube frame, heavy-duty steel mesh platform, and stow-away loading ramps ensure that this car tow dolly is easy to set up, easy to maneuver, and easy to store. More than just making use and storage a little easier, the Stand-Up EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly goes above and beyond to make your vehicle towing experience safer, too. The long loading ramps are easy to set up to accommodate any wheelbase, ensuring a low angle of approach and safe loading. The standard tie-down straps, winches, and safety chains work with the trailer construction (including the specially designed tie-down nut) to ensure your vehicle stays securely in place for the duration of your trip. That being said, the design and features are easy to use so even inexperienced haulers or folks familiar with traditional tow-dolly configurations can quickly and intuitively understand the setup, takedown, and storage processes.

More than any other feature, our customers care about the unparalleled ease of storage of our Stand-Up EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly. Because the tow dolly stands for storage, its footprint is uniquely small and easy to handle. Because this unit does not require assistance to stand — it does not need kickstands, stability bars, or to be leaned against anything — your options for storing it are almost endless. So long as you have access to a 25″L x 102″W x 84″H storage space (smaller than some tool benches and stand-alone freezer units, and shorter than most garage and carport ceilings), you have enough room for this car tow dolly.

Stringent Construction Standards : Weighing only 330 lb., EZ-Haul™ is almost half the weight of other car tow dollies for sale, making it a much easier trailer to handle. Don’t be fooled by its light weight though. Built to The USA Trailer Store’s stringent construction standards, this rust-resistant steel tow dolly transports vehicles with curb weights up to 5000 lb. And using the secure hook and slot ramp attachment, it accommodates cars and trucks up to 79″ wide just by moving the ramp positions.

Stand and Store™ :When the dollyis not in use, stand it up and store it on its end. This smaller footprint allows your trailer and motorhome to fit into almost any RV lot. Then, after returning from your adventures, stand and store it in your garage, carport, or driveway. With the easy-to-install casters kit (sold separately—not included), maneuvering into those tight spaces is a hassle-free mission.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • 2″ Ball Coupler
  • 4-pin flat connector
  • 2 Safety chains
  • 2 Wheel straps & ratchets —included
  • 2 Redundant security chain—included
  • Transports cars, trucks, SUVs with curb weights up to 5000lb. and 3,000lb. over the axle
  • 2 Powder-coated steel ramps
  • 12″ Steel Wheels—internally balanced
  • ST145 R12 10 Ply E-rated Radial Tires
  • DOT approved LED taillights—LED lights last longer than incandescent bulbs
  • Powder coat finish—resistant to rust
  • Stand-and-store design—takes up less space in RV lot
  • Hubs are compatible with Bearing Buddy No. 1980A (not included)

Note: straps provided fit most 14” to 17” standard wheels. The dolly will accommodate larger wheels, but different straps will be required


  •  Flat 4 Connector
  •  2″ Ball
  •  12″-16″ Tongue Height
  •  Accessory assembly Required ( Bolting on Winches ).
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