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Elite Multi-Use Digital Air Fryer Oven - 10 ml

Elite Multi-Use Digital Air Fryer Oven - 10 ml

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Discover the joy of guilt-free cooking with this digital air fryer. Its powerful 1500 watts ensure the circulation of hot air, delivering perfectly crispy meals without the excessive use of oil. With a generous 10-liter capacity, this kitchen marvel can effortlessly cook a meal for the whole family.

Product Specifications

  • 10-Liter capacity for family-sized meals
  • Preset functions for French fries, Fish, Rotisserie, Steak, Chicken, Pizza, Bread, Cake, Vegetable, Warm, and Dehydrate - offering versatility at your fingertips
  • Digital ELD display for easy control and monitoring of cooking settings
  • 60-Minute timer to help you achieve precise results every time
  • Stainless steel housing with a glass door for durability and style
  • Included Accessories: Wire rack for versatile cooking options. Bake pan for all your baking needs. Mesh basket for easy air frying


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